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Menopause in the

Workplace Training


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  • Support female employees through menopause and improve retention, absenteeism and morale

  • Provide managers with information and awareness so they have tools to support their female staff

  • Create a culture of inclusivity by raising awareness of the issues experienced during menopause for ALL employees

  • Understand the legal and economic implications of ignoring this valuable human resource

This FREE 30 minute webinar introduces the legal and economic benefits of having a robust menopause policy to key decision makers.  This is a short, online training introducing the need for employers to raise awareness of menopause as an inclusive topic within their organisation and giving a brief overview of the potential issues faced by their midlife female colleagues.

Why Talk Menopause? 

Training Packages

Coping with Menopause

This half-day interactive workshop is aimed at female employees who want to know how to manage their own menopause.  The workshop provides...


Supporting Employees through Menopause

This half-day interactive workshop is aimed at Line Managers.  The workshop provides...

  • Information and education on what menopause is and the impact it can have on work, home and social life.

  • Tools and strategies to help deal with symptoms such as hot flushes, distrurbed sleep, anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Resources to enable those struggling to confidently seek expert help to enable them to feel more in control.

  • Health and lifestyle choices based on current scientific evidence to help manage their symptoms naturally and effectively.

  • Suggestions to encourage employees to take responsibility, in partnership with the employer, to identify and request reasonable adjustments, thus enabling employees to continue to be productive and fulfilled in the workplace.

  • An awareness of the legal and economic implications of an aging female workforce

  • An overview of the physiology of menopause and associated symptoms

  • Line managers with knowledge to provide practical support to their staff

  • An understanding of how line managers can cultivate an inclusive and open environment where menopause is no longer felt to be a taboo subject

  • Resources and signposting to further advice and guidance

  • Case studies and real-life examples of issues affecting female employees and how managers can help enable their female employees to continue to feel valued and productive.

  • Practical measures for adopting reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

Can We Talk Menopause!

  • Give all employees an understanding of what menopause is and debunk a few misconceptions

  • Encourage open discussion around this often 'taboo' subject

  • Raise awareness of the need to support colleagues and how to do this in a way that benefits everyone

This one hour presentation is designed to...

To discuss the best package to meet your organisation's needs please contact me by email at florescofitness@outlook.com or call 07824 819060.

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With over 30 years working for the Ministry of Defence, Bev has a wealth of experience in a wide range of disciplines inlcuding business management, finance, purchasing and supply, education and training assurance.  


As well as the 'day job' Bev also qualified as a fitness instructor and worked as a freelance instructor for many years.


In her roles as Learning Advisor and Training Assurance Manager she provided one to one educational coaching to serving Air Force personnel and designed and delivered classroom based training in Human Factors, Relationship Awareness and Conflict Management, enabling her to bring her natural talent for coaching and teaching to the fore.  


At age 52 Bev's career took a new direction when she retrained as a nutritionist, personal trainer and Master Health Coach, resigning her management position within the Ministry of Defence to 'go it alone' as a Health Coach and Trainer.


She now brings her skills together to coach midlife women through menopause through their health and lifestyle choices as well as helping organisations to better understand and support the needs of their midlife female workforce.

About Bev Thorogood