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Floresco is owned and managed by Bev Thorogood based in Morton near Bourne in South Lincolnshire

  • Find the real you and feel 'visible' again?

  • Find the confidence to live your life to the full?

  • Overcome the mind blocks that are keeping you stuck?

  • Eat well without giving up all your favourite foods?

  • Reduce stress and sleep better?

  • Buzz with energy and eliminate night sweats, hot flushes and brain fog?

  • Look and feel amazing in whatever you wear?

  • Fit exercise and activity you really enjoy into your busy week?

  • Get off the diet merry-go-round once and for all?

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Then I have the perfect solution!

Menopause in the Workplace Training

Having a robust menopause policy and a culture of inclusivity is essential to retain talent, reduce costs and increase performance.


With 50% of the workforce in the UK female, and the number of working women over 50 years old rising rapidly it makes sound economic sense to ensure this valuable resource feels supported and able to contribute fully.


Menopause is not an illness, but its symptoms can leave women feeling ill.


Find out how I can help your Business to raise awareness of this 'hot topic' through training, advice and guidance......


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Chatting on the Podcast with Jo Dyer, former academic and business analyst turned passionate garden whisperer.  Jo is truly living her dream.

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‘Are we going for a walk mum?’


I’m nudged into awareness by my daughter at the end of my bed, walking shoes on, ready to go.


It’s Sunday, the sun is shining through a gap in the bedroom curtains but it’s not enough to ease the awful fog in my head.


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I love this metaphor as a way to describe the transition through midlife and into the second half of our lives – what I like to call our “Butterfly Years”!


It just sums up exactly how I feel about my own transition.


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Helping Generation X to be Generation Exceptional!

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The Fabulous Butterly Club is a monthly group coaching programme delivered online with a small monthly subscription.  Making the power of coaching available for everyone!